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Getting Started

The Engine




Including another template into the current template is done using the insert() function:

<?php $this->insert('partials/header') ?>

<p>Your content.</p>

<?php $this->insert('partials/footer') ?>

The insert() function also works with folders:

<?php $this->insert('partials::header') ?>

Alternative syntax

The insert() function automatically outputs the rendered template. If you prefer to manually output the response, use the fetch() function instead:


Assign data

To assign data (variables) to a nested template, pass them as an array to the insert() or fetch() functions. This data will then be available as locally scoped variables within the nested template.

<?php $this->insert('partials/header', ['name' => 'Jonathan']) ?>

<p>Your content.</p>

<?php $this->insert('partials/footer') ?>