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Getting Started

The Engine




Template functions in Plates are accessed using the $this pseudo-variable.

<p>Hello, <?=$this->escape($name)?></p>

Custom fuctions

In addition to the functions included with Plates, it’s also possible to add one-off functions, or even groups of functions, known as extensions.

Batch function calls

Sometimes you need to apply more than function to a variable in your templates. This can become somewhat illegible. The batch() function helps by allowing you to apply multiple functions, including native PHP functions, to a variable at one time.

<!-- Example without using batch -->
<p>Welcome <?=$this->escape(strtoupper(strip_tags($name)))?></p>

<!-- Example using batch -->
<p>Welcome <?=$this->batch($name, 'strip_tags|strtoupper|escape')?></p>

The escape functions also support batch function calls.

<p>Welcome <?=$this->e($name, 'strip_tags|strtoupper')?></p>

The batch functions works well for “piped” functions that accept one parameter, modify it, and then return it. It’s important to note that they execute functions left to right and will favour extension functions over native PHP functions if there are conflicts.

<!-- Will output: JONATHAN -->
<?=$this->batch('Jonathan', 'escape|strtolower|strtoupper')?>

<!-- Will output: jonathan -->
<?=$this->batch('Jonathan', 'escape|strtoupper|strtolower')?>