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Getting Started

The Engine




Folders make it really easy to organize and access your templates. Folders allow you to group your templates under different namespaces, each of which having their own file system path.

Creating folders

To create folders, use the addFolder() method:

// Create new Plates instance
$templates = new League\Plates\Engine();

// Add folders
$templates->addFolder('admin', '/path/to/admin/templates');
$templates->addFolder('emails', '/path/to/email/templates');

Using folders

To use the folders you created within your project simply append the folder name with two colons before the template name. For example, to render a welcome email:

$email = $templates->render('emails::welcome');

This works with template functions as well, such as layouts or nested templates. For example:

<?php $this->layout('shared::template') ?>

Folder fallbacks

When enabled, if a folder template is missing, Plates will automatically fallback and look for a template with the same name in the default folder. This can be helpful when using folders to manage themes. To enable fallbacks, simply pass true as the third parameter in the addFolders() method.

// Create new Plates engine
$templates = new \League\Plates\Engine('/path/to/default/theme');

// Add themes
$templates->addFolder('theme1', '/path/to/theme/1', true);
$templates->addFolder('theme2', '/path/to/theme/2', true);